Insurance coverage and rules are set by your insurance company. To confirm exam coverage, check with your insurance carrier.

The amount of money your insurance company will pay for your exam depends on the specific insurance plan that you and/or your employer have chosen. Your insurance company’s rules vary by exam and where the exam is performed.

Below is the latest information that we have about specific insurance plan coverage at our different office locations. Please contact your insurance carrier to confirm your coverage and how much you will be required to pay.



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Your insurance company may attempt to tell you which radiology center you must go to for your exam. You, as the patient however, have a right to choose if you would like to have your exam performed at University Radiology.


It is the responsibility of the patient to know their insurance coverage benefits and to present their insurance card at each visit. Please call your Insurance Carrier or speak to your Benefits Administrator if you have questions regarding coverage, referral requirements and pre-authorization rules and timing.

We strive to accommodate all patients, regardless of their financial means. For patients without health insurance or those having financial difficulties, please contact us at 763-244-8020 if you would like to discuss payment.

ICare Diagnostic Imaging accepts most insurances and works closely with patient insurance companies and other third-party payers. We also work with auto insurance companies and individual payors. Our representatives will answer your questions about insurance verification or answer payment questions.
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