Auto Injury

iCare Diagnostic Imaging can help with your Auto Injury

iCare Diagnostic Imaging specializes in performing MRIs and X-rays as they relate to your auto accident injury or any work injury you may have suffered. Many common injuries occur in auto accidents and workplace incidents, which can produce symptoms like neck and back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, etc.

Auto Accident Injury

Because of the internal nature of a lot of these types of injuries, physicians need to be able to trust the quality of the images of a scan, and the accuracy of the corresponding diagnostic reports, to clearly find and document all of these occurrences. At iCare Diagnostic Imaging, this is our specialty, as we work with many chiropractors, medical doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, doctors of osteopathy etc. and their patients as it relates to auto/work injury MRIs and X-Rays. As such, we offer the services of both an orthopedic radiologist, as well as a chiropractic radiologist (DACBR), either of whom you or your doctor may choose as the primary reader of your scans.


benefits of care after a car accident:

When it comes to auto accidents and work injuries, this thoroughness benefits the injured patient by providing critical information to both your doctor and attorney so you can receive the best care and best legal outcome possible. Likewise, our imaging provides your doctor with information to help make your ongoing care more specific to your needs and it helps your attorney to represent your injuries more clearly to the insurance company so that your care can be better justified, while adding value to your overall case.
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